Although homesickness is generally regarded as a mere notion on the part of the patient, it is, in reality, in many cases, a disease, and should be treated as such. Cases have occurred, in which, through the depressing influences of nostalgia, the most disastrous results have occurred. Patients generally lose appetite, become sleepless, greatly debilitated, and sometimes sink into a state of melancholia.

The Treatment of Homesickness or Nostalgia

The proper treatment of homesickness includes mental and moral, as well as medical, measures. The patient should not be lectured and scolded for his strong desire to return home, although he should be encouraged to exercise as much self-control and restraint over his feelings as possible. Pains should be taken to divert his attention from the cause of his depression by means of amusement, diversion of mind, variety of diet, and surrounding him with as many favorable conditions as possible. In the majority of cases, the difficulty will disappear after a few weeks, though it may persist for some time.