In some cases it becomes desirable that the secretion of milk should be checked. This is especially important in cases of still-birth. The most effective measure for checking the secretion of milk is to require the patient to abstain from the use of fluids of any sort. The food should be of a solid character. The thirst may be relieved by taking small quantities of ice. This should be continued until the fourth or fifth day, when there will usually be no further difficulty. The breasts should be partially relieved of their contents by the breast-pump or other means, but should not be entirely emptied. The application of the ice-pack or cold compresses to the breasts, is also an excellent means for diminishing the secretion. It is also a good plan to apply to the breasts two or three times a day a mixture of equal parts of sweet oil and spirits of camphor, and to keep the breasts constantly covered with a cloth saturated with spirits of camphor.