This must be accomplished chiefly by regulation of the diet and attention to the general health, especially to the improvement of the digestion. The patient should make free use of liquid food, particularly fresh milk, sweet cream, oatmeal porridge, graham gruel, and other whole-grain preparations. Teas of various kinds are of little consequence and do not increase the quantity of milk except by the addition of water. The use of wine, beer, ale, and other alcoholic stimulants is a practice to be in the highest de gree condemned, as it not only deteriorates the quality of the milk, but makes the child liable to various diseases. An eminent physician declares that in many instances in which beer and ale are used, the infant is not sober a moment from the time it begins nursing until it is weaned.

Gentle manipulation of the nipple in imitation of the act of milking is in many cases very efficacious in promoting the secretion of milk. By this means, the secretion has been produced in women who had never borne children, and often in young girls and men in such a quantity as to enable them to perform the part of wet-nurse with entire success.

It is said the function of lactation is possessed by many men in Russia. Some years ago a negro slave appeared before the class in a Southern medical college, who had a profuse secretion of milk from one breast, and had acted as wet-nurse for all the children of his mistress.