Impotence, or a lack of sexual power, may be due to a great variety of causes, among the chief of which are sexual excess, particularly selfabuse, mental influences, the use of liquor, opium, and particularly the use of tobacco. The influence of tobacco in producing this condition has been long suspected, and is now well recognized by many physicians. At a late meeting of the British Medical Association several eminent physicians reported several cases of impotence in which the disease was undoubtedly the result of tobacco-using. The first effect of the drug is to excite the sexual organs; the ultimate result of this morbid excitement as stated, is partial or entire loss of sexual power.

The Treatment of Impotence

When impotence is the result of long-continued sexual abuse, complete recovery is impossible; though even in the majority of these cases at least partial improvement can be secured. When the impotence is accompanied by nocturnal emissions or spermatorrhoea, these affections must of course be cured before sexual power can be regained. Treatment that is good for one of these conditions is also the best for the other. The patient should abstain from the use of all narcotics and stimulants, including tea, coffee, strong spices and other condiments, as well as tobacco and alcoholic liquors. It is necessary that he also refrain from any attempt to exercise the sexual functions, and to avoid sexual excitement of all kinds. Every possible measure should be adopted for improving the condition qf the general health. In addition, the alternate hot and cold douche or spray should be applied to the parts daily. Two or three times a week a local application of electricity should be made. The latter measure is one of the best means of treatment we have ever employed. We have found the last-named remedy to be very essential in the treatment of bad cases of impotence. When this condition arises from moral influences, as lack of confidence, the remedy consists in the removal of the causes so far as possible by appropriate mental and moral treatment.