This condition may arise from a great variety of causes, among which may be mentioned various diseases, as diabetes, Brights disease, dyspepsia, consumption, as well as disease of the testicles, including varicocele and various tumors to which the organ is subject. In some cases sterility is due to obstruction of the seminal ducts, which may arise from stricture of the ducts from inflammation or failure of the testicles to descend from the abdominal cavity to the scrotum. The use of tobacco, opium, and alcoholic drinks, should also be recognized as causes of sterility. All of these drugs destroy the vitality of the spermatozoa, the essential elements of the seminal fluid.

The Treatment of Sterility

The treatment of this condition wholly depends upon the cause. When this is of such a nature that it can be removed, recovery may take place. Cases in which there is permanent closure of the spermatic cord are usually incurable. Real sterility is, fortunately, a very rare affection in men, though by no means so uncommon in women.