Under this head are included two conditions, in one of which there is unnatural sensitiveness to touch or pressure, and the other in which there is constant pain of a neuralgic character, sometimes very distressing. The pain is most often of a dull, aching character, and frequently extends up the cord to the body. In some cases the neuralgic pains extend to the inner portion of the thigh, upon the side in which the disease exists. It may originate from any one of the following causes: selfabuse and other sexual vices and excesses, disease of the prostate, inflammation of the testicle, acid urine, dyspepsia, gout, varicocele. The last-named disease is almost invariably accompanied by neuralgia.

The Treatment of Neuralgia Of The Testicle

Recovery will generally take place quite speedily when the causes of the disease are removed. The pain is generally relieved by local applications of cold. Cold applications to the lower part of the back are especially useful and should be employed in the form of an ice-pack, and may be used from one to three hours a day according to the urgency of the case. Applications of dry heat or of the hot spray will also be found useful in relieving local pain.

Tumors Of The Testicle

The testicles are subject to fibrous and cancerous growths, as well as various other kinds of tumors. The only remedy to be recommended in these cases is removal of the affected organ.