The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Testicle

Pain and sensation of weight in the testicle; pain extending up the cord; uneasiness in the lower part of the back and the groin; swelling of the testicle; scrotum full and tense; cord swollen and sensitive to pressure; slight fever; frequent urination; constipation; nausea and vomiting.

This disease is generally caused by dissipation or by the extension of a gonorrheal inflammation from the penis to the testicle.

The Treatment of Inflammation Of The Testicle

Rest in bed with fomentations to the affected part are the best measures for relieving pain; some surgeons advise the application of adhesive straps in such a manner as to compress the inflamed testicle. This seems to us to be an unnecessary procedure, as the same results can be. obtained without, and with less pain to the patient and no risk of injury. The bowels should be well kept open by enemas. In case the patient should have much fever, cool sponge baths, and perhaps wet-sheet packs, should be employed. The testicles should be supported by a suspensory bag for some time after the acuteness of the inflammation has subsided, in order to prevent a relapse and to prevent the disease from becoming chronic.