The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Breast - Mastitis

Deep, throbbing, burning pain; restlessness; fever; hard and tender swelling of the breast.

The most frequent cause of inflammation of the breast is taking cold while nursing. Inflammation may also be excited by a blow upon the breast; it sometimes occurs without apparent cause.

The Treatment of Inflammation Of The Breast - Mastitis

On the appearance of the first symptoms, hot fomentations should be vigorously and continuously applied for some hours. In many cases, the disease can be arrested when promptly treated in this way. Alternate hot and cold applications may be tried when fomentations do not accomplish the desired result. When the breast is swollen very large, it should be supported by means of adhesive straps carefully applied. If an abscess forms, it should be opened promptly and should afterward be treated by fomentations or poultices.