The Symptoms of Influenza - Catarrhal Fever

Chilly sensations and flashes of heat; cold in the head, with copious, irritating discharge; eyes red and tearful; tickling in the throat; hoarseness; soreness of the throat; dry, irritating cough; pain and difficulty in breathing; great weakness; high fever; sleeplessness, or unnatural drowsiness; duration of disease three to ten days.

This a disease which often affects whole cities or States at the same time, often making its appearance with great suddenness. Not infrequently lower animals are affected at the same time with human beings. The disease is undoubtedly infectious, though not contagious. It is rarely fatal, recovery usually occurring within a very few days, although local irritation of the air-passages and general weakness may continue for some time.

The Treatment of Influenza - Catarrhal Fever

Warm blanket packs, vapor baths, hot-air baths, fomentations to the lungs, and cool or tepid sponging, with cool compresses when there is considerable fever, are the most important measures of treatment. The inhalation of hot steam should be tried when there is much bronchial irritation. When the nasal passages are obstructed, much relief will often be obtained by rubbing the nose with sweet oil or vaseline. Lard or fresh butter will answer the same purpose.