The breast is sometimes the seat of severe neuralgic pain. In other cases, the pain is located in the intercostal nerves, just beneath the breast, particularly upon the left side. We have occasionally met cases in which the whole breast was very sensitive, the patient shrink ing from the lightest touch. These difficulties arise from a great variety of causes, chief among which may bo mentioned hysteria and spinal irritation. The most severe case of irritable breast we ever met, was in the person of a young woman who was grossly addicted to the habit of self-abuse. The left breast in this case was considerably swollen, pulsated violently, and was apparently so sensitive as to cause the patient to scream with pain, even at the slightest touch. The discontinuance of the habit caused an entire disappearance of the morbid irritability within a week, so that the patient was able to strike the breast a full blow without suffering any inconvenience whatever.