This is a most annoying affection which sometimes renders the life of a person suffering from it almost intolerable. It may be caused by irritating discharges from the uterus or vagina, or it may be due to an extension of a disease of the skin to these parts. It is quite likely to occur in women suffering from diabetes. It is also one of the miseries attending upon cancer of the uterus, arising from the irritation caused by the acrid discharges characteristic of this disease. Thread-worms are also said to be a cause of this affection. It occurs most frequently at the time of the menopause, or "change of life."

The Treatment of Itching Of The Genitals - Pruritus

When caused by an acrid discharge, keep the parts thoroughly cleansed by frequent vaginal injections. The intolerable itching will generally be relieved by the use of one of the following solu tions: Sulpho-carbolate of zinc two drams, dissolved in eight tablespoonfuls of water, to be applied to the affected parts twice a day, and allowed to dry upon the surface; carbolic acid, ten to twenty drops, glycerine and water each a tablespoonful; powdered borax or sulphite of soda a teaspoonful, desolved in a pint of water. When there is much irritation of the parts, some soothing ointment should be applied, as vaseline. Hot injections are also recommended.