The Symptoms of Jaunice

Yellowness of the eyes and skin; dark or saffron color of urine; day cotored bowel discharges; itching of the skin; drowsiness; giddiness; lassitude; mental depression; irritable temper; bad taste in the mouth; slow pulse; general symptoms of dyspepsia.

The Causes of Jaunice

The principal causes are the following: Obstruction of the bile-duct by gall-stones or tumors, or by swelling of the mucous membrane in consequence of catarrh of the duodenum or bile-duct, the effects upon the system of certain poisons, as malaria, and the poisons which occasion yellow fever, typhoid and typhus fevers, scarlatina, etc., together with animal poisons, snake bites, and such min eral poisons as mercury, silver, copper, and antimony. It also occur» as the result of fright, anxiety, or any other severe mental emotion; from an insufficient supply of fresh air, as is illustrated in persona of sedentary habits who confine themselves in close rooms, especially in the winter season; from constipation, which occasions the absorption of large quantities of bile from the contents of the bowels being too long retained.

The Treatment of Jaunice

Treatment consists in removing, so far as possible, the causes of the disease which have been enumerated. In addition to this, the patient must adopt the measures of treatment recommended for torpid and congested liver, which we need not here repeat In case jaundice is due to partial obstruction from gall-stones, the latter affection must be treated in the manner already described.