The Symptoms of Lumbago

Pain in the back, increased by muscular exercise; patient cannot straighten without great suffering; many tender points found about the seat of pain.

The Causes of Lumbago

The causes of this form of neuralgia are said to be cold, rheumatism, malaria, great exhaustion from overwork. It seems to be, in some cases, the result of severe straining and lifting.

The Treatment of Lumbago

Rest; fomentations, or hot and cold applications to the back, and the employment of hot baths will generally secure quite speedy relief. Some cases are very obstinate, however, and quite exhaust both patient and physician. In a very obstinate case, in which the patient suffered extremely with spasmodic pains and cramps in the back, relief was obtained by continuous stretching of the body, the patient being held by straps passed under the arms, while being stretched by weights attached to the lower extremities. Treat the same as sciatica.