The Symptoms of Ozena

Stuffiness of the nose; swelling of the membrane; headache; general symptoms of acute or chronic catarrh; ill-smelling discharges, sometimes tinged with blood; formation of scabs in the nose, having a disgusting odor; ulceration of the septum or other parts of the nose.

The Cause of Ozena

Ozena is generally the result of chronic nasal catarrh or repeated attacks of acute catarrh. It is most likely to occur in gouty or scrofulous subjects. It is very frequently the result of polypus of long standing.

The Treatment of Ozena

The same measures of treatment as directed for chronic catarrh should be employed for this disease. It will be necessary, however, to give great attention to thorough cleansing of the nostrils, for which the solutions of permanganate of potash and carbolic add will be found useful. A snuff composed of half a dram of chlorate of potash to an ounce of sugar, used two or three times a day, is very serviceable. The disease is often very obstinate, and requires long and thorough treatment to effect a cure.