The Symptoms of Pulmonary Apoplexy

Violent hemorrhage from the lunge; or suffocation, due to filling of the lungs with blood; or sudden death from internal hemorrhage. In less severe cases the chief symptoms are sudden difficulty in breathing; cough with expectoration tinged with blood; symptoms of pneumonia or pleurisy; in cases of heart disease, sudden irregularity of the pulse.

This serious affection is the result of the obstruction of a bloodvessel in the lungs, which may arise in consequence of disease of the heart or some other affection which gives rise to clots or small portions of tissue in the circulation. The disease is somewhat obscure, and is sometimes difficult of detection. It is easily mistaken for pneumonia, of which it is sometimes the cause.

The Treatment of Pulmonary Apoplexy

Elevate the head and shoulders of the patient. Apply warmth to the extremities. If there is much bleeding, employ the remedies recommended for hemorrhage from the lungs. If the case is a severe one, so that the blood flows faster than it can be expectorated, it will of course prove speedily fatal.