Under this head is included all cases in which there are unnatural sounds in the ear The description of these sounds given by different patients is exceedingly varied. Some complain of sounds resembling the roaring of a waterfall, the rumbling of a carriage in the street, or a train of cars etc; while others are continually troubled with a snapping, crackling sound, and similar disturbances. This affection is often a very annoying one, sometimes resisting all remedies. Among the principal causes are hardened ear-wax, foreign bodies in the auditory canal in contact with the drum membrane, inflammation of the middle ear, etc. The most obstinate cases are probably due to disease of the nerve of hearing.

The Treatment of Ringing in the Ears - Tinnitus Aurium

Hardened wax, or other foreign bodies, should be removed When resulting from congestion, relief is sometimes obtained by pressure upon the large arteries of the neck. Electricity has also proved of great service in some cases, though in others it has not succeeded. The galvanic current is the most successful