The length and quantity of the menstrual flow varies very greatly m different individuals within the limits of life. A person suffers with scanty menstruation when the function is meagre compared with what is usual for the same individual.

The principal causes of this condition are consumption, inflammation of the ovaries, ovarian tumors, anteflexion of the uterus, mental depression, chlorosis, and general debility.

The Treatment of Scanty Menstruation

The general treatment should be the same as recommended for similar cases in which menstruation is entirely suspended. For a few days before the period should make its appearance, the patient should take daily a warm sitz-bath for fifteen or twenty minutes. At the time of the period, warm enemas and cold compresses applied to the lower part of the spine, with fomentations over the bowels at the same time, constitute the best measures of treatment. The difficulty will generally exist until the patient shows marked evidences of improved health.