During this troublesome period children require special care, as the digestive organs are more liable to become disordered than at any other time. The child is often fretful and restless; and if it escapes being treated for worms half a dozen times, although innocent of harboring any such vermin, it is unusually fortunate. Teething is generally held responsible for every disease which occurs during the period of the eruption of the teeth. It is probable, however, that the process of teething is really responsible but for a small part of what is charged to it. Lancing the gums is seldom called for. The tissue covering the teeth is not sufficiently tense to require cutting to allow them to protrude. In fact they do not tear their way out, but the tissue covering is gradually absorbed. About the only occasion for lancing the gums is the occurrence of infantile convulsions. Rubbing the teeth with very hard substances is also a questionable measure. All the rubbing required will generally be performed by the child itself with the finger or thumb.