Many children are rendered dyspeptic, and not infrequently made very ill, by constant treatment for worms. In the great majority of cases the symptoms which are supposed to be those of worms are really nothing more than symptoms which will only be aggravated by the use of the various worm medicines generally employed in such cases. When there is any suspicion that the child is troubled with worms, the bowel discharges should be carefully examined daily, for several days in succession. If no worms or segments of worms are found in the stools, it may safely be concluded that the symptoms observed arise from some other cause. At any rate, a physician should be consulted before any active measures of treatment are adopted.

We are sorry to say that many physicians are in the habit of adopting the suggestions of mothers and nurses, and consenting to treat infant patients for worms without sufficient grounds for so doing. Much harm is often done in this way.