Slight eruptions of the skin are very common in children. A form of eruption known as strophulus which appears in two forms, red and white gum, is most peculiar to small children. This eruption affects chiefly the face and arms, other portions of the body being occasionally affected. The eruption consists in little elevations about the size of a pin-head, which, when red, are known as red-gum, and when white, are called white-gum. Nettle-rash, an eruption which resembles the result of a nettle sting, is also one of the most common skin eruptions in children. The principal cause of eruptions of this character is indigestion.

The Treatment of Skin Eruptions

Remove the cause by improving the child's digestion Bathe the affected parts with a solution of bi-carbonate of soda, or teaspoonful to a pint of water. This generally relieves the intense burning. In severe cases, the parts affected may be covered with cloths wrung out of the solution.