This is an eruption characterized by wheels like those caused by nettle stings, each consisting of a white raised spot in the center of a ml patch. This eruption is peculiar for the suddenness with which it appears and disappears. The first symptom is severe itching of the skin, after which the eruption suddenly appears. It is generally the result of errors in diet, particularly the use of unwholesome or any irritating food. Canned meats are very likely to occasion it. In some persons, it is occasioned by eating certain fruits, as strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, etc. It may result from simple indigestion. Bites of bugs, flies, lice, etc., should also be mentioned as a cause. The eruption may disappear within two or three hours, or may last two or three days, or longer.

Chronic nettle-rash is generally due to dyspepsia or disorder of the liver. It is often a very troublesome affection.

The Treatment of Urticaria - Nettle - Rash - Hives

If the patient is suffering with indigestion, a warm emetic may be indicated. The itching and burning may be relieved by applying to the skin a lotion made by dissolving a teaspoonful of saleratus or soda in a goblet of water. Vinegar or equal parts of alcohol and water, may also be used. Sponging the surface of the body with very hot water will generally give relief. Urticaria from bites of insects, or nettle stings, in which the pain is often very severe, may be relieved by the application of a mixture of chloroform and glycerine, in the proportion of one of the former to four of the latter.