This is a form of eruption which often occurs during the intense heat of summer. It may consist of simply a diffused redness of the parts exposed to the direct action of the sun's rays, usually termed sunburn, or in the form of an eruption of minute, red pimples, known as "prickly heat" eruption, or "heat eruption," which is accompanied by severe prickling and itching. Sunburn, when severe, is followed by peeling off of the epidermis. Prickly heat generally disappears within a few hours, but may continue some time and become a real eczema.

The Treatment of Heat Rash

For sunburn, cool the affected parts with tepid compresses, and anoint well with vaseline. Persons subject to prickly heat should wear silk or cotton next the surface, and should avoid overheating themselves by over exertion during hot weather. Irritation of the eruption may be relieved by cool baths or cool sponging, bathing the surface with soda or saleratus water, a teaspoonful to the pint. After bathing, the surface should be dried by a gentle patting with a fluffy towel and without rubbing.