This disease may be considered as curable in nearly all cases. Indeed it is not, of itself, a fatal malady; but mental and moral, as well as medical, treatment are essential. The patient must be taught self-control; the mind must be, by some means, drawn away from herself. The most effective means of interrupting the paroxysm is the application of cold in some form to the head and spine. Either the cold pour, or the ice pack may be employed with almost certain success. To prevent the recurrence of the paroxysms, the patient's health should be improved as much as possible by abundant exercise in the open air, wholesome diet, plentiful sleep, and general tonic treatment. Sitz baths may be used, in most cases, to advantage, one or two a week, the temperature ranging from 92 to 93 at the beginning of the bath to 88 or 85 at the conclusion. The bath may last fifteen or twenty minutes with advantage. With patienta whose blood is poor, massage and inunction two or three times a week should be employed. A daily spinal ice pack, continued from ten to twenty minutes, may be used with advantage. Galvanism to the spine is another useful measure. When there is paralysis of sensation and motion, faradic electricity should be applied to the paralyzed parts.