The only efficient remedies are such as will kill the parasites. No internal medication is required. The insects may be destroyed in a variety of ways; by smothering, by drowning, or by poisoning. The itch insect requires air as well as larger animals. If the skin is thickly smeared with mutton tallow or some other unguent of considerable consistency, the unguent being applied at least twice a day for some time, a cure may be effected. Prolonged immersion in water, and daily wet-sheet packs, followed by thorough shampooing, are effective measures if perseveringly employed; but the most expeditious manner of getting rid of the vermin is to apply to the skin some unguent containing substances poisonous to them. The patient should take a thorough soap bath at night, soaking the body for at least an hour in the warm water. If possible, a vapor bath should be taken before the full bath, so as to thoroughly loosen the old epidermis. In the full bath the skin should be thoroughly shampooed with a flesh brush and soft soap. After the bath, the patient should apply to the affected parts of the body and contiguous parts any one of the different ointments. If sulphur ointment is used, it should be left on over night and worn during the next day if the odor is not very objectionable. The next night the same process should bo repeated. Care should be taken to change all the clothing at the beginning of treatment and again at the close. One or two applications are usually sufficient. A third one is only occasionally required. The irritation of the skin may be somewhat aggravated by the treatment. It will subside in a few days under the use of simple vaseline ointment. Some persons make the mistake of keeping up their vigorous treatment so long as there is an eruption. It should be understood that the eruption and the real cause of the disease are two distinct things.

The clothes of a patient who has had treatment for itch should be thoroughly baked for at least two hours. Clothing will readily withstand a temperature of 350 without scorching.