The proper treatment for this accident, as well as the preceding, is a surgical operation, whenever the laceration is more than very slight. When the laceration is discovered, the operation should be performed within five or six hours of its occurrence. If not attended to then, it should be at a subsequent period, when the patient has so far as possible recovered her usual strength. The operation consists in making raw the surfaces which have been drawn apart, and then bringing it together with silver wire. This operation requires not a little mechanical ingenuity, but when properly performed in a case requiring it, affords a degree of relief which in some cases seems almost marvelous. In the case of a lady upon whom we performed this operation a few months ago, the improvement was so rapid that within a very short time she was able to perform a large amount of physical labor and could walk long distances without the slightest fatigue, although she had been a wretched invalid since the birth of her child some eight or nine years previous.

Judging from the large number of these cases which have come under our observation in the treatment of several hundred cases of diseases peculiar to women, at the Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, we have no doubt that there are at the present time thousands of women who have been suffering for many years from the effects of laceration of this sort, which might readily be cured by a proper surgical operation. We have dwelt at some length upon this class of cases for the purpose of calling special attention to them. On account of the general neglect with which they are treated, we urge upon every lady who has borne children and who has any reason to suspect that any difficulty of this sort may exist, the importance of consulting a surgeon at the earliest possible moment, selecting the most competent and reliable surgeon who has had experience in such cases, who may be accessible.