The Symptoms of Plethora

Excessive redness of the face and lips; increased heat of the body; unnaturally strong and full pulse; unnatural mental and physical activity.

This condition is exactly the opposite of anaemia. It is characterized by an excessive activity of the blood and an increased number of the blood corpuscles. The blood is also highly charged with the waste products or excrementitious elements of the body. In consequence of this, the disease is exhausting in character, producing continual mental activity or restlessness. It also, on account of this increased activity which often amounts to irritability, produces inflammatory diseases and fevers, while the excessive fullness of the blood and consequent increase of pressure within the vessels occasions a tendency to apoplexy in consequence of hemorrhages of the brain, and also hemorrhages in other parts of the body.

The Causes of Plethora

The causes of plethora are too much food, especially highly seasoned and stimulating articles; the excessive use of fats, sugar, and other clogging substances; too slight exercise; the result of which is that while new material is brought in, the old material is not removed as it should be, and consequently many vital organs become sluggish in action and the vital fluid becomes irritating in character.