Golden Tincture

No. 1. Balsam of tolu, two ounces; gum guaiacum, two ounces; gum hemlock, two ounces; gum myrrh, two ounces; each coarsely powdered: oil of hemlock, three ounces; oil of wintergreen, two ounces; alcohol, one gallon. Let it stand fourteen days. Shake frequently in the meantime.

Dose. -- From one to two teaspoonfuls, according to severity and obstinacy of the case, in half a glass of sweetened water. This mixture has proved highly useful as an internal remedy for rheumatism, colic, pains, chills, soreness, lameness, sour stomach, languor, depressed spirits, palpitations, water brash, flatulency and a variety of painful affections.

Pulmonary Remedy

No. 2. Take of the roots of spikenard, elecampane, comfrey and blood-root: of the leaves and flowers of hoarhound, and of the bark of wild cherry, each one pound. These may all be ground and tinctured, by adding alcohol, water, and sugar sufficient to make three gallons of syrup, or any portion of the above compound may be tinctured in sufficient alcohol to cover them, when the herbs may be boiled until their strength is obtained, and the tincture and watery infusion may be mixed, and a sufficient amount of refined sugar added to make a thick syrup. For coughs and colds, to be taken in teaspoonful doses as required.

Liver Cordial

No. 3. Thorough-wort, two ounces; ginger, half ounce; cloves, half ounce; extract dandelion, four ounces; water, one and a half pints. Boil to one-third, and add sugar one and one-half pounds, and brandy, one pint.

Dose. -- A wineglassful once or twice a day. An excellent cordial cathartic to act upon the liver. The herbs must be gathered at the proper season or they will be worthless.