Sarsaparilla Syrup

No. 9. Good sarsaparilla, two pounds; guaiacum, three ounces; rose leaves, two ounces; senna, two ounces; licorice root, two ounces; oil of sassafras, five drops; oil of aniseed, five drops; oil of wintergreen, three drops; diluted alcohol, ten pints; sugar, eight pounds.

Dose. -- A tablespoonful two or three times a day.

Rheumatic Tincture

No. 10. Peppermint water, one and one-half ounces; wine of colchicum root, half an ounce; sulphate of morphia, one grain; magnesia, one scruple.

Dose. -- One teaspoonful three or four times a day.

For Bronchitis

No. 11. Tannin, three grains: extract of belladonna, three-fourths of a grain; extract of conium, two and a half grains; infusion of senna, three ounces; fennel water, one and a half ounces; syrup of marsh-mallow, one and a half ounces. Mix.

Dose. -- A tablespoonful to be taken every two hours in chronic bronchitis.

Compound Spirits Of Lavender

No. 12. Dried lavender flowers, two drachms; nutmeg, 2 drachms; mace, two drachms; cloves, two ounces; cinnamon, two ounces. Pulverize all these, and add a quart of spirits. Let it then stand for a week, and then strain off the liquid.

Dose.--One or two teaspoonfuls may be taken often in a little water, with loaf sugar. Useful in nervous affections.

Nerve Tonic

No. 13. Extract of scull-cap, two drachms; extract of chamomille, two drachms; extract of boneset, one drachm; pulverized cayenne, one scruple; quinine, one drachm; oil of valerian, half a drachm. Beat well together, and make ninety pills.

Dose. -- For an adult, one pill every two or three hours.

Stomachic Bitters

No. 14. Gentian root, two ounces; dried orange peel, one ounce; cardamom seed; half an ounce (all bruised); diluted alcohol or common whiskey, one quart. Let it stand for two weeks.

Use. -- Dyspepsia, loss of appetite, general weakness, etc.

Dose. -- One or two tablespoonfuls in water, three times a day.

Fever And Ague

No. 15. Take of boneset, two ounces; blue vervain, two ounces; scull-cap, one ounce; Virginia snake-root, half an ounce. Make an infusion, and drink freely while warm. If it produces vomiting, reduce the dose. This will be found highly beneficial. If the bowels are constipated, use one of my "Renovating Pills" every night until all constipation has been removed or remedied.

Strengthening Plaster

No. 16. Resin, one pound; beeswax, one ounce; Burgundy pitch, one ounce; mutton tallow, one ounce. Melt them together, and add olive oil, pulverized camphor and sassafras oil, of each one-sixteenth of an ounce, and West India rum, one fluid ounce. Stir well together, pour into cold water, and form into rolls with the hands; spread with a knife on a piece of linen cloth, and apply in weakness of the joints, rheumatism, weak chest, weak back, ulcers. This is an excellent plaster for all such purposes.