Acetic Blood-Root Syrup

No. 17. Blood-root in powder, one drachm; acetic acid, or vinegar, one pint; water, one pint. Add the blood-root to the vinegar and water mixed, and steep for two hours; then strain and add two pounds of white sugar, simmer until a syrup is formed.

This is a specific remedy for pseudo-membranous croup. It is also used in infantile pneumonia and bronchitis, but the "Acacian Balsam" should be used with it.

Dose. --For croup, from half a teaspoonful to a tablespoonful, but it should not be given in quantities sufficient to provoke vomiting, unless there is imminent danger of suffocation, and then only sufficient to eject the mucus adhering to the upper part of the bronchia and trachea.

A Good Emetic

No. 18. Pulverised lobelia, one ounce; pulverized blood-root, one ounce; pulv. Ipecacuana, six drachms; pulv. Cayenne, four scruples; seneca, one scruple. Mix. An excellent emetic in all cases where one is required. My "Renovating Pills" should be used to cleanse the system of all remaining particles of lobelia.

Nerve Tonic And Antispasmodic

No. 19. High cranberry bark, one ounce; skunk cabbage-root, half an ounce; scull-cap, half an ounce; cardamom seeds, two drachms; pulv. Cayenne, two drachms. Put these into a pint of wine. Shake it well every day for three or four days.

Dose. -- A tablespoonful four times a day.

Dysentery Syrup

No. 20. Best Turkey rhubarb, two drachms; leptandrin, two drachms; white sugar, one pound; hot water, one pint. Triturate well together; add essence of peppermint, one drachm; essence of anise, one drachm; tincture of catechu, two drachms.

Dose. For dysentery, one teaspoonful every half hour.

Cough Preparation

No. 21. Tincture of lobelia, half an ounce; tincture of blood-root, two ounces; oil of spearmint, half a drachm; molasses, five ounces.

Dose. -- Take one-half of a teaspoonful as often as needed. Useful merely as a palliative.

Pulmonary Syrup

No. 22. Spikenard root, sixteen ounces; white root, sixteen ounces; blood-root, eight ounces; elecampane, eight ounces; colts-foot, eight ounces; boneset, eight ounces; poplar bark, four ounces; seneca snake root, two ounces; lobelia, two ounces, slippery elm bark, eight ounces; proof spirits, three gallons. Bruise or pulverise all, and digest in the spirits for fourteen days; then strain, and add white sugar sufficient to form a syrup.

Dose. -- A tablespoonful occasionally, in a mucilage of slippery elm.

Use. --  This is a fair relief in all coughs and pulmonary affections.

Chronic Diseases Of The Mucous Surfaces.

No. 23. Hard balsam copaiba, three and a half drachms; fresh ground capaiba, three and a half drachms; carbonate of amazonia, one drachm. Make one hundred pills.

Dose. -- One pill three times a day, between meals.

Liniment For Chilblains

No. 24. Sulphuric acid, one drachm; spirits of turpentine, one drachm; olive oil, three drachms. Mix the oil and turpentine first, then gradually add the sulphuric acid.

A valuable liniment for chilblains. To be rubbed on two or three times a day.

Liniment For Neuralgia, Etc.

No. 25. Sweet oil, one ounce; water of ammonia, strong, one ounce. Mix. To be rubbed on with a piece of flannel. A temporary relief for crick in the neck, and rheumatic and neuralgic pains.