Tincture For Fever And Ague, Etc.

No. 42. Peruvian bark and wild cherry bark, each two ounces; cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, each one drachm; wine, two quarts. Let it stand for a few days to extract the strength.

Dose. -- A wineglassful every two or three hours.

Use. -- A very good remedy for intermittent fever, or fever and ague, after suitable evacuants. It frequently removes the disease when all other means fail.

Anti-Spasmodics: Misturra Camphorae (Agua Camphora, U.S.)

No. 43. First. -- Camphor, two drachms; alcohol, forty drops; carbonate magnesia, four drachms; distilled water, two pints.

Dose. -- One to two tablespoonfuls.

Use. -- In typhoid conditions, with delirium, for after pains. TINCT. CAMPHORAE COMP. (Paragoric Elix., Tinct. Opii Comph.)

Second. Pulverized opium, one drachm; benzoic acid, one drachm; oil of aniseed, one drachm; sugar, two ounces; camphor, two scruples; diluted alcohol, two pints. Macerate for fourteen days. Half a drachm contains less than one grain of opium.

Dose. -- For infants, from five to twenty drops; adults, one to two tablespoonfuls.

Use. -- To allay cough or nausea, to check diarrhoea, to relieve pain.

Moschus. Preputial Secretion Of The Musk Animal.

Dose and Form. -- Five to ten grains, in pill, bolus, or emulsion.

Use. -- Hiccough, epilepsy, asthma, cough, palpitation.

Tonic And Cathartic

No. 44. Aloes, gentian, orange peel, juniper berries, and bruised aniseed, each one ounce; gin, one pint. Mix. Macerate for two weeks , and then strain.

Dose. -- A tablespoonful once or twice a day. Good for bilious habits.

Discutient Ointment (For Scrofulous And Glandular Tumors.)

No. 45. Bark of bitter-sweet root, stramonium leaves, cicuta leaves, deadly nightshade, and yellow dock root, each two ounces; lard, one pound. Bruise and simmer the roots and leaves in spirits; then add the lard, and simmer till the ingredients are crisped or thickened into an ointment.

For Suppression Of Urine In Children

No. 46. Oil of solidago, one drachm; alcohol, eight drachms.

Dose. -- From five to twenty drops on sugar at a dose, to be repeated at suitable intervals. Proportionably larger doses of this are also very beneficial for flatulence, faintness, etc., in adults.


No. 47. First . -- Raspberry leaves, geranium, blackberry root, and leptandria root, each ounce. Mix, and make three pints of strong decoction. Suitable for a gargle.

Second. -- Geranium, golden-seal, marsh-mallow, wild indigo root, and rosemary, each half an ounce. Mix, and make one pint of strong infusion. After straining, add two drachms of powdered borax, and one gill of honey. An excellent astringent gargle.

Honey Balsam

No. 48. Balsam of tolu, balsam of fir, each two ounces; opium, two drachms. Dissolve all three in one quart of alcohol.

Dose. -- A teaspoonful occasionally. Valuable for the relief of pulmonary diseases.

Anti-Dysentary Cordial

No. 49. Birch bark and peach pits, each two pounds; bayberry bark, half a pound; wild cherry bark, one pound; water, two gallons. Boil down to one and a half gallons, after which add a gallon of good brandy, and loaf sugar sufficient to make it palatable.

Dose. -- A wineglassful three or four times a day.