For Gravel, Dropsy, Etc.

No. 50. Queen of the meadow, milk weed, juniper berries, dwarf elder, spearmint, wild carrot seed, of each two ounces. Put all in a mortar and bruise, and boil the whole in a gallon of water, till half a gallon of the liquid is left, and then strain.

Dose. -- Half a pint of the decoction is to be taken several times during the day.

Cough Syrup

No. 51. Acetate of morphia, four grains; tincture of blood root, two drachms; antimonial wine, three drachms; ipecacuanha, three drachms; syrup of wild cherry, three ounces. Mix.

Dose. -- A teaspoonful two or three times a day.

For Dysmenorrhoea

No. 52. Viburnin, caulophyllin, each one scruple; gelsemin, five grains. Mix, and divide into ten powders. Dose.--One every two hours until relieved.

For Diarrhoea

No. 53. Tincture of catechu, half an ounce; spirits of camphor, tincture of myrrh, and tincture of cayenne, each two drachms. Mix.

Dose. -- From half a teaspoonful to a teaspoonful in diarrhoea.


No. 54. Castor oil, one gill; pulv. Cayenne, ten grains; table salt, one teaspoonful; molasses, one gill; warm water, one pint. Inject.

For The Blues, Or Low Spirits

No. 55. A pleasant cordial for low spirits is the following: aniseed, four drachms; oil of angelica, one drachm; oil of cassia, forty drops; oil of caraway, thirty drops; prood spirits, two gallons. Mix well.

Dose. -- Half a tablespoonful in water.

Skin Diseases With Much Irritation

No. 56. Decoctions of bitter-sweet and mallows, of each half a pint; mix, and make a liniment. Use the "Renovating Pills" internally.

Chilblain Ointment

No. 57. Lard, two quarts; turpentine, one pint, camphor, quarter of a pound. Rub into the parts. This will be found a capital remedy.

Acidity Of The Stomach

No. 58. Hard wood ashes, one quart; common soot, half a gill; wawter, six pints. Digest, settle, and filter.

Dose. -- Take one tablespoonful three times a day in acidity of the stomach.

Hemorrhoids Piles

No. 59. Opium, one scruple; pulverized nut-galls, one drachm; ointment althaea. Mix, and anoint the parts.

Sore Throat

No. 60. Those subject to sore throat should make a wash of warm water, in which wood ashes have been dissolved, and apply externally every morning. The "Herbal Ointment" should be applied at night, and well rubbed in. If the disease has become permanent or chronic, the "Acacian Balsam" must be used according to directions. (See page 470.)