Injection For Costiveness

No. 61. Castor oil, two ounces; tincture of prickly ash bark, half an ounce; compound tincture of Virginia snake root, two drachms; infusion of boneset and senna, equal parts, half a pint. Mix, and inject. It is by no means, however, as good as the "Renovating Pills."  See page 473.

To Produce Perspiration

No. 62. Blood-root, golden-seal, sumach berries, bayberry bark, of each two drachms; all pulverized. Mix.

Dose. -- Make an infusion in a pint of hot water, and give a tablespoonful every half hour.

Poultice For A Fester

No. 63. Boil bread in the settlings of strong beer; apply the poultice in the common manner. This has saved many an hour of suffering.

Cataplasms, Or Poultices

No. 64. May be made by moistening bread crumbs with milk. They may also be made of flaxseed, roasted onions, snake-root, hops, etc.

Poultices are used in nearly all cases of local inflammation.


No. 65. Gum opium, gum camphor, spirits of turpentine, each one scruple. Rub in a mortar to a paste. Put it in the hollow tooth.

Use. -- This will cure and even prevent the toothache.

A Fragrant Breath

No. 66. Take sherry wine, one gill; ground cloves and grated nutmeg, each one drachm; cinnamon and bruised caraway seeds, each a quarter of an ounce. Place all these dry substances into the wine or spirits, in a half pint bottle, and let them stand for several days, shaking the bottle every night and morning. Strain off the tincture through linen to get it bright, then add about ten drops of lavender, or five drops of the otto of roses.

A few drops on a llump of sugar dissolved in the mouth, will sccure a breath of flowers.  It may be also used with advantage on the toothbrush, in lieu of tooth powder, or, mixed with water, it makes an excellent gargle.

Foot Bath

No. 67. A bucket of warm water; pulv. Cayenne pepper, one tablespoonful; ground mustard, two tablespoonfuls. Mix.

Use. -- As a foot bath in suppression of menses.

To Improve The Voice

No. 68. Beeswax, two drachms; balsam of copaiba, three drachms; powdered liquorice root, four drachms. Melt the copaiba with the wax in a new earthen pipkin. When they are melted, remove them from the fire, and, while in a liquid state, mix in the powdered liquorice.

Make pills of three grains each. Two of these pills to be taken occasionally, or three or four times a day if necessary.

Headache - Neuralgic Pains

No. 69. Take of opodeldoc, spirits of wine, sal ammoniac, equal parts, and apply like any other lotion.


No. 70. Bind on the place a thick plaster of common salt or saleratus moistened; it will soon extract the venom.

A Stomachic

No. 71. Fresh ground cubebs.

Dose. -- From five to twenty grains.

Use. -- As a stomachic in disorders of the digestive organs.