(1) It is merely symptomatic treatment attacking some prominent single condition, instead of the disease as a whole, and necessarily leads to polypharmacy in the endeavor to meet different conditions at the same time.

(2) The transient amelioration is followed by an increased aggravation of the very condition to be removed, necessitating increasing dosage.

(3) Drug diseases are established that complicate hopelessly the original disease of the patient; the possibility of harm by the introduction of the necessary large dosage of drugs and foreign substances always being very evident.

None of these therapeutic methods are curative in the true sense by directly modifying the vital activities of the organism. In the cases where such treatment is ultimately successful (and certain temporary beneficial results cannot be denied), the homoeopathic method is more direct, safer, more radical, and with no possible harm to the patient.

* "Organon," Introduction.

Practice based upon the Law of Cure is the only truly scientific therapeutic method, since it alone fulfills the conditions of science and offers a medical practice true for all time and applicable to all forms of disease in men and animals.

Homoeopathy is the only therapeutic method based upon law.