Palliative medicines are of two kinds:

(1) The use of drugs in their physiological dosage for their direct effects, as the use of Opium and Morphine for pain. This is the common method of the old school.

(2) By the carefully selected Homoeopathic remedy given in minute dosage. This frequently yields brilliant results in palliating where a cure is impossible. This latter method is to be tried in every case before drug palliation is used.

This is almost the sole resource of the old school, and consequently much abused, but in the hands of the true physician who knows its subordinate place, it constitutes a legitimate method in incurable diseases, beyond the operation of the law of cure, where we can only alleviate, not radically cure. While Homoeopathy reduces the need and occasions for the use of mere palliatives to a small limit, yet palliation has its use in the practice of medicine, but it is always the expression on the part of the physician of his impotence to cure radically.

*This was aptly and perfectly expressed by Dr. Hering to the author in the German words Hindern, Lindern, Mindern, embodying every possibility of a physician's distinctive sphere of usefulness.