Ferrum Phos

Throat dry, red, inflamed, with very much pain (very frequent doses), reduces congestion, heat, fever, pain and throbbing in ulcerated sore throat, sore and inflamed palate, acute stage of laryngitis. Burning of the throat with pain. Sore throats of singers and those who use the voice daily. Tendency to evening hoarseness.

Kali Mur

When swelling of the glands or tonsils sets in, give this and Ferritin phos. alternately. Throat ulcerated with whitish or grayish patches or spots, and the characteristic white tongue. Syphilitic sore throat; pain on swallowing. Hawks up offensive, cheesy small lumps. Professor Wertheim, of Vienna, recommended this remedy as a wash 19 and gargle in sore months and throats. Granular pharyngitis. Adenoid elevations; secretion of mucus which is white and tough; also in posterior nares. Patient hawks and snuffs to get it out. In follicular pharyngitis, with tough, tenacious secretion and cough, temporarily relieved by removal, after great effort, of the clinging sputa. We have found it more frequently useful than Kali bichromicnm. (H. C. French, M. D).

Kali Phos

Gangrenous sore throat. Throat very dry; desire to swallow all the time. Salty mucus raised from throat.

Natrum Mur

Enlargement of the throat. Goitre, if with watery secretions. Inflammation of the mucous lining of the throat, transparent mucus covering the parts, relaxed uvula. Chronic sore throat with feeling of plug or lump, and great dryness of throat. Constrictions and stitches in the throat. Follicular pharyngitis, especially in smokers after nitrate of silver treatment.

Natrum Phos

Tonsils coated with a yellow creamy mucus, raw feeling, moist deposit on the tongue mornings, looking yellow. Secretion as of a lump in the throat, worse swallowing liquid.

Calcarea Phos

Clergyman's sore throat, as intercurrent.

Calcarea Sulph

Suppurating sore throat (see Tonsillitis), ulcerated sore throat, yellow matter, last stage.

Magnesia Phos

In chronic pharyngitis with choking on attempting to eat fast.

Natrum Sulph

Sore throat with feeling of lump on swallowing dry. Ulcerated sore throat. Diphtheria with vomiting and welling up of mucus from the stomach. Palate burns during menses.

Calcarea Fluor

Relaxed condition of the uvula, tickling in the larynx. Exciting cough. Hawking of mucus early in morning. Burning in throat better by warmth.

Clinical Cases

An actor, Mi. E., consulted me for a severe irritation in the throat that interfered much with speech, and on account of an exceedingly bad breath.

This was especially disturbing, as he was obliged to appear in a role, three days later, in which proximity with his fellow actors was necessary. From an examination I concluded that it resulted from a deficiency of Kali phos. , and so I ordered this remedy. On the evening of the second day Mr. E. informed me that he was fully recovered; of the foul breath there was not a trace to be perceived. He also stated that he was able to notice an improvement even after the second dose. (Dr. Quesse).