Lillie H., aged 19, married four months, last menstruation six weeks ago. Suffered with painful urethritis, causing her to cry out when she voided her urine; passed blood from urethra or bladder when she urinated, which appeared in small clots and shreds in the vessel; suffered constant pain, for which she had had a daily hypodermic of morphin for a period of one month. During this month she had taken the usual sedative diuretic remedies, and the pain had constantly grown worse, and the blood in the urine had gradually increased in amount. The patient wore a distressed countenance, had but little sleep, and when seen was seated on the bed crying and writhing her body from one side to the other, and was a picture of perfect misery and distress. Examination of the womb found it in normal position - a little enlarged, as would have been expected. Diagnosis - congestive urethritis due to reflex disturbance caused by impregnated uterus.

The hypnotic state was induced, and proper suggestions were made for relief of pain and cure of all congestion in or about genito-urinary organs. (Note that this was my first visit after this condition had lasted one month, and she had constantly had the hypodermic of morphin all the while, thus complicating her MM by making her a morphin habitue.)

Second visit, eight hours later on the same day, found patient easy, but still discharging blood. Would not permit treatment by suggestion, as she begged for morphin. Did not sleep that night, as she had no suggestion to that effect and morphin had suddenly been withdrawn.

Next day she was placed in a deep hypnotic state, appropriate suggestions were given, and she was allowed to sleep four hours; awoke free from pain, and nerves quiet. Treatment by suggestion on same afternoon. Slept well that night, and after that she suffered no more inconvenience from either nervousness or pain. At the end of one more day all pain and bloody discharges were gone, the patient was happy, strong, and with good appetite. Two days later the same, and four weeks later the same.