.1 - Woman, aged 48; has large fibroid, profuse menor-rhagia for fifteen weeks, greatly emaciated, anemic, constipated and weak; pulse, 140; respiration, 60; temperature, 102° F. Passing clots as large as a hen's egg, and when seen was the picture of distress, with no appetite, very nervous, and unable to sleep; suffering also with a remittent malarial fever.

Her case seemed to me to be one in which, at best, life could not be expected to last longer than a few days. Treatment - calomel, followed by salines, and 15 grains of quinin sulphate daily for the malarial element in her case. Deep hypnosis was induced at my first visit, and proper suggestions were made to restore sleep and relieve nervousness, regulate her bowels, to stop hemorrhage, to aid digestion, to give appetite, and to build up hope, and to change her intuition or belief that she was going to die into belief that she would get well.

From the first treatment by suggestion her nerves were quiet, her sleep was refreshing and plentiful, her appetite was good, and her heart beats slower and stronger, and breathing easier. After four treatments by suggestion the menorrhagia had entirely stopped. She was then put on a tonic. Two years later she was in good health, with her fibroid growing smaller.

1 The facts in this case can be substantiated by a prominent southern attorney, upon whose farm this colored woman resided.