A patient, aged 15, with acute gonorrhea and badly swollen prepuce, had not urinated in thirty-six hours. His bladder in lower part of abdomen felt like a large cocoanut. His pain and suffering were intense. The meatus had in it a large drop of characteristic yellow pus. He had used a hot water hip bath for the relief of his trouble, but without success. To use a catheter would mean to push the disease back into his bladder, giving him gonorrheal cystitis. Hypnosis was induced, and suggestion made that when he awoke he could urinate freely.

On awakening he expressed the desire to urinate, "oh, so bad," and in one more minute a forcible, but small, stream began, lasting five minutes. I then gave him a prescription for his gonorrhea, and he went home happy and free from pain. Ten days later he was seen and the case was progressing nicely.