A young man had been accused by a jealous wife of worshiping a foreign goddess. This he strenuously denied. He, however, on one occasion walked past his home with the lady in question and was observed by his suspecting wife. Though he assured her that his being with her on the occasion was only a coincidence, his assurances did not allay his wife's suspicions, and she then and there demanded that he prove his fidelity by his ability to perform the sexual act. Though the young man was innocent, the psychic effect of being put to so crucial a test so suddenly was sufficient to completely inhibit his ability to meet the demands. Then the exacting wife turned with double vehemence upon the unfortunate husband, and the sense impressions or suggestions produced by her declarations that she had proof positive of the correctness of her suspicions rendered the poor fellow impotent, in her presence, for a month.

The stability of his home was in jeopardy, and threats of abandonment were made by the wife, who felt that she had been wronged His physician sent for me, and my treatment for the young man was by instruction and education as to how he should steer himself out of his dilemma. He was also hypnotized, and special suggestions were given to combat the psychic effect of the suggestions that had so completely subdued him. This was on Saturday, and on Monday he reported that the psychic atmosphere of his home had been completely changed and that the treatment was a decided success.