"Doctor, I wish you would give me something to make me sleep better at night," said the wife of a hard-working man upon whom the cares of life were pressing heavily.

"Why can't you sleep, Mrs. Blank?" said I.

"Oh, I just toss and roll about for hours and hours, and last night I didn't close my eyes until after one o'clock."

This lady was a great religious character, and I knew this was her most vulnerable point from a psychological standpoint. So I asked her if she believed that if two people agreed regarding any one thing, it could be done for them. "You know I do, Doctor," she answered.

"All right," said I. "Let's agree that you are going to go to sleep right now." I was standing at the foot of her bed, and. looking into her face for a moment, I said in a calm monotone voice, "Just look at me and think of sleep. As you do, your eyes will become heavy, and you will get drowsy and sleepy, and go to sleep. Now, close your eyes lightly and go to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. By the time I count ten you will he fast asleep - one. two, three, Pour, five, six. seven, eight, nine, ten, and now you are asleep. fail asleep."

Then, coming up to her, I gently soothed her forehead with a few strokes on either side with my fingers. "You are sleeping nicely; having a calm, refreshing sleep. Sleep soundly for two hours and then awaken. Your sleep will be restful and refreshing. After this you will be able to go to sleep at any time you desire to do so. Just close your eyes and relax every muscle, and think of sleep, and you will go to sleep and sleep soundly all night, and awake feeling refreshed and rested every morning. You will drink water freely every two hours from morning until you retire at night. You will enjoy your meals, have a good appetite, find pleasure in your work, rest when you get tired, enjoy the companionship of your husband, and children, and friends, and always feel happier on account of the improved condition of your health."

Two years afterward this woman's husband reminded me of this experience. He said his wife had slept well and enjoyed her meals, had no more headaches, and was greatly improved in every way. "Nothing ever did her so much good, Doctor, as that one visit of yours, but we lost our baby with cholera infantum two months ago and my wife is 'just all in,' and I want you to see her again." This was on a passing visit to my home, and I could not see his wife as requested, but I have always felt that I missed a great pleasure in not having the opportunity to infuse into her sad life some of my own strength and optimism by another suggestive treatment.