In a southern town a few years ago the thermometer suddenly dropped and the weather was uncomfortably cold. At the hotel a lady from a different state, in a well-advanced stage of pulmonary tuberculosis, was visiting. Cough, cough, cough was all that she could do. Her weakness aroused my sympathy, and I said to her: "Mrs. Blank, I can help you a great deal by suggestion, and would be glad to do so while I am here for the pleasure I should get out of seeing you benefited." .

"Why, Doctor Munro, I have consumption. Pray, how could hypnotism help me? This is no imaginary disease."

"Mrs. Blank, you are evidently very nervous. I heard you say you did not sleep two hours in all last night, and I noticed that you ate practically no breakfast this morning."

"Yes," she replied, "I am so weak and nervous I can scarcely walk. This bandage on my hand is the result of an injury received from a fall yesterday. No, I can not eat or sleep, and this miserable weather is terrible on me."

She had a forlorn, downcast look, but I honestly believed that I could benefit her.

"Mrs. Blank," said I, "by suggestion in the hypnotic state I can quiet that irritability of your nervous system, give you a good, refreshing night's sleep, and yet you can relieve yourself by expectorating when necessary in your sleep. Getting a good night's rest, you will conserve your energies and will awaken with a good appetite and strong, quiet nerves. Then, as you eat more, sleep better, and get stronger, I will get you to breathe deeper and take in more oxygen. The increased amount of air will mean much to your general health, for oxygen is a food that many people do not take in sufficient quantities. Along with the influence of more oxygen upon all bodily functions will be an increase in elimination, both of carbon dioxide from your lungs and from a freer activity of all bodily functions. .

"In your particular case I have confidence in the benefit to be derived from deep breathing in other ways. Increased function means increased blood supply, and by breathing deeper your lung substance will be better nourished and its resistive powers increased, and your chances to recover strengthened ten to one as compared with the present. There are other ways that suggestion would prove of benefit, but, though you could not understand if I attempted to explain them to you, I feel warranted in saying that I know you will be benefited to a remarkable degree."

"Doctor Munro, I am ready whenever you are, and as often as you see fit to give this treatment," she replied.

Calling her friend, Miss Blank, into a room to be present at the time of the administration of this treatment, I proceeded to put her into a condition of suggestibility and gave suggestions to quiet her nervousness, restore more plentiful and refreshing sleep, inflate the lungs, and, above all, to stir all latent psychic activities into action, to increase her resistive powers, etc.

This young lady present told me that when she was a schoolgirl Mrs. Blank was a fine singer and had a lovely voice. So at another time, while she was hypnotized, I gave her a suggestion that she was again a schoolgirl, and was going to sing while her friend furnished the music. The song was "The Angel's Serenade," and she sang, too. She reached the highest note in "Hosan-nah in the highest, Hosannah to his name."

I then appreciated, as I had never done before with any patient, what I had done for her. All that I did was out of kindness and sympathy, but with optimism and faith. There was no money in this case. There was no selfish motive in it.

After four days she had been sleeping, eating, drinking, exercising, and singing as she had not before in years. Six weeks later I learned indirectly from her husband in another town in that state that she had gained six pounds, and was rapidly improving every day.

When I left the town where I treated this lady she thanked me sincerely, and gave me a note which she had prepared to send to me at the train by the porter. In this she expressed her gratitude that she had received through me the ability to eat and sleep, for the relief from pain, nervousness, etc., and ended by saying, "You have put into my life a bit of blue where all before was smoke and cloud."

Four years later this lady was enjoying life and much improved in health.

] shall hope that every reader of these pages may do as much for many individuals who do not need medicine, but do need to have aroused in them a self-consciousness of dormant potentialities awaiting utilization.