Mr. F. E. H., by occupation cotton buyer, aged 58. His history was that ten years before he was taken with an apoplectic seizure and was supposed to have a thrombus, as he was unconscious for several weeks, and his arm and leg on the affected side were more or less completely paralyzed.

He was sustained by rectal alimentation for several weeks, but could swallow liquid food after six weeks or two months; after six months gradually began to regain the use of his arm on the affected side, and after one year began to hobble with crutches, dragging the affected leg.

He was then taken with acute sciatica and confined to his bed for one year longer. At the time I saw him he had been dragging his foot on the affected side for eight and a half years, but was able to get about with the aid of crutches.

During this time he had tried every available method of treatment offered in hospitals, sanitariums, health resorts, etc., as well as some of the modern cults that use suggestion without hypnotism in disguised forms.

Hypnosis was induced and suggestions made with a view to implanting sense impressions, impulses, or to inducing a self-consciousness of ability to use his leg. When I held the leg up while he was hypnotized and suggested that he would allow it to remain, he held it up without trouble. He then acted upon a suggestion to lift it up, to bend it, and finally I had him walk around in the room while yet in the hypnotic state. It was then suggested that he would wake up and would find that he could walk as well as he ever did in his life. It was really amusing to see him find himself using the leg which for ten years he had been unable to lift from the ground.

I have treated over a dozen similar cases in patients who have put aside their crutches and walked with perfect ease. The suggestion given is that the limb is getting stronger and stronger, that the normal control and use of it is returning, etc. Repetition and iteration, iteration and repetition, are very necessary in some cases to make a suggestion or suggestions effective.