The world has not yet adequately realized the importance of the recognition, use, and guidance of the natural virility of the human being. To use it right, we need a degree of intelligence to which the human race has not yet attained. To equip us to use it in normal, healthful lines of thought and action is the problem of education, the problem of science, and its guidance concerns all that contributes to the evolution of the human race.

In the education and intelligent guidance of the natural virility of man, or of the sexual instinct, lies the method of true reform, which deals with causes and not effects. It opens the way to individual emancipation and progress, and the regeneration of society should follow. Conventions and mass meetings avail nothing in the decision of the way to direct this natural virility within us all. That is a problem for the individual, and one which every one must sooner or later solve according to his limited knowledge and experience, and through its intelligent guidance is his happiness, health, sanity, and success in life determined. Preparation to guide and direct our energies into lines of wholesome, useful, helpful endeavor is not to be acquired or assumed by a psychological change called conversion. It must come by effort, education, development, and growth, in accordance with the laws of the evolution of the psychic and physical potentialities in man.

Intelligent guidance of the sexual instinct must come as the result of long and persistent training, and in childhood is the time to begin this training. Life consists in the exercise of our faculties and functions, and happiness results from the performance of duty and from successful achievement.

We are in the world for growth and development. We are each endowed with a mind and a will to use for ourselves. We have within us high and noble aspirations, which have spurred us on to develop and train this mind, that we may comprehend the physical and mental laws by which we are controlled. Long and tedious has been the way, slow and painful has been our ascent from darkness into light. Every foot of our progress has been obstinately contested by ignorance, superstition, fanaticism, and misdirected zeal. The illumined genius of man has never evolved a life-saving or mind-soothing discovery that has not been bitterly fought by the great masses of the people. It has been ever thus, and will be until the end of time.

The intelligent guidance of the sexual instinct involves all that contributes to the evolution of the individual. It embraces the question of food, home, clothing, education, work, exercise, mental and physical development, beliefs, moral teaching, and companionship. Its guidance is an attempt to direct the course of that sublimely grand evolutionary principle which extends from the lowest form of animal life up to the most highly cultured man and woman.

According to the physical development of the individual are his sexual instincts manifested, and according to his psychic development are they guided, whether by the impulse actuated by physiological desire from within the protoplasmic elements of his own being or by the psychophysiological influences exerted from without. One thing is certain - the guidance of the sexual instinct in the young, before the psychic development of the individual has rendered him competent to become master of his own potentialities, is most beneficent in its results, and it may exercise a potent influence for the good or harm of the individual throughout his entire existence.

No sectarian interpretation of the problems of life contains the clue to its correct guidance, but the knowledge obtained from all books of science, philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, and all religions - the accumulated knowledge of the ages - sheds light upon this important question. The times demand a leadership that will appeal to reason and not to ignorance, to the intellect and not to prejudice - a philosophy that will develop the individual into the complete statue of man and womanhood and not suppress the normal physiological activities of the human organism, nor inhibit the normal manifestations of his or her personality.

The influence of mind upon mind, or the influence of suggestion, must be fully comprehended before one can appreciate the disastrous influence of a religion not in accord with the facts as revealed by science. Children, and grown people as well, are capable of believing only those things that come within the domain of personal experience. The untrained and uneducated mind, unacquainted with the facts of science, can be taught to believe anything, be it true or false, and the majority of people at the present time go through life fettered by beliefs thrust upon them during childhood. The greater portion of the old people of our age are nothing more than grown-up children so far as brain power and intellectual development are concerned. The only hope for the individual to escape from the consequences of his unfortunate heredity and environment is by self-education, self-development, and self-control.

The religion does not exist and will never exist that contains all the requirements of a perfect guidance for human conduct. Evolution, growth, and change in religious concepts must keep pace with the intellectual development of mankind, or they stand as positive hindrances to the progress of all that conduces to the best interest of the human race.

No sane individual can protest against an effort to promote the moral development of the human race, but, when a belief is promulgated that robs this life of its zest and enthusiasm, fetters the human mind, and weakens the body, it is high time that we should manifest character and true manhood sufficient to demand a higher, truer, and more enlightened philosophy of life. The old anthropomorphic conception of deity, capricious and bloodthirsty, must be replaced by a conception that embraces the idea of a universe that is ruled by law. Man, as an intelligent being, must be recognized as a part of the universal intelligence that rules the world; and, while yet under the rule of law, it is his privilege to discover the laws of the universe, of which he is a part, and to so conform his life and conduct thereto that health and happiness can be maintained.