The old conception of this life as a vale of tears, that must be endured until we are transported to a locality of everlasting happiness, must be replaced by one in which life is regarded as our opportunity for growth, education, and development, and our immortality must consist in the contribution made by us to the sum total of human happiness.

The hope of humanity consists in the belief that each human being will some day so strive to contribute his best efforts to the furtherance of the highest and best qualities of manhood and womanhood, that he may - like a tiny pebble that, when cast into a body of water, causes a ripple that grows larger and larger - affect each human life with which he becomes associated in such manner that his influence will be felt in the evolution of the human race down the centuries of time throughout eternity.

In this struggle for the higher development of mankind, man and woman will go hand in hand, side by side, without which united effort neither can attain the greatest development or accomplish the best service.

The time comes in the life of every highly-developed man when his strongest desires - the normal aspirations of his natural virility - are to give to the world the highest and best expression of his life in deeds of useful endeavor and in helpful service in perfect accord with the laws of his psychic nature. The highly-developed woman does not desire to hold him back or hinder his activities; on the contrary, she prefers to push him out into the arena, so that her woman's femininity will not, through force of its love, cause him to be weakened and to grow effeminate - to lose any of his normal virility. For, no matter how intensely a woman may love, if she is true and her love is pure, she prefers not the continual presence of her lover at her feet, but to watch his fight with his fellowman - to see him conquer, to be victorious, to know he loves the struggle because he loves her - and she loves and adores him as her hero because he dares and does. Thus the sexual instinct finds expression in the higher development of the individual and promotes the best interest of the human race.

It matters not how interested a man or woman may become in their respective work, or how worthy its purpose, over them at times come feelings of "longing, lonesomeness, and love," which is the natural attraction of sex to sex, without which no life is normal, and through which the species is reproduced and happiness obtained, in accordance with the natural laws governing the normal instincts of all human beings.

In this manner we should strive to obtain happiness - to make this earth an empire of love, where happy and healthy people can enjoy their existence, and the mind should be open for all that is beautiful, pure, and true, vibrating with joy and the love of life.