Second AnáHa-Varti

The inner pulp of the seeds of Madana fruits with Kutaja, Jimutaka, Ikshváku (bitter gourd), Dhámárgava, Trivrit, Trikatu, mustard seed and rock-salt, should be pasted together with either the milky juice of Mahá-vriksha or with the urine of a cow; and the paste should be made into thumb-shaped plugs (Varti). In a case of Anáha of the patient already suffering from Udara, the outer end of his rectum should be lubricated with oil and salt and one or two of the plugs should be inserted therein. The application of this Anáha-varti should as well be applied in cases of Udávarta, due to a suppression or retention of stool, urine, and Váta (flatus) and in cases of tympanites (Adhmána) and distention of the abdomen (Anáha). 16.

Treatment Of Plihodara

In a case of Plihodara, * applications of Sneha (oil, etc.) and Sveda (fomentations) should be made and the patient should be fed on boiled rice mixed with milk-curd. Then the vein (Sirá) inside the elbow of his left hand, should be duly opened. The spleen should be rubbed with the hand for the proper out-flow of its deranged blood (for the relief of that enlarged organ). Then having properly cleansed his system, the physician should advise the patient to take the alkali of marine oyster-shells through the medium of milk. As an alternative, Yava-kshára should be given to him with Sauvarch-iká and Hingu, or with filtered alkali (made with the ashes) of Palása wood. As an alternative, the alkali of Párijátaka, Ikshváku and Apámárga, mixed with oil, should be prescribed; or the decoction of S'obháánjana, mixed with Chitraka,Saindhava and Pippali,or the alkali of Puti-karanja, filtered with Kánjika and mixed with a copious quantity of Vid salt (black salt) and powdered Pippali should be administerd, 17.

* Dropsical swelling of the abdomen owing to an enlargement of the spleen.

Shat-Palaka Ghrita

One pala weight of each of the following drugs, viz,. Pippali, Pippali-roots, Chilraka, S'untki, Yava-kshára and Saindhava should be cooked with one Prastha measure of clarified butter and the same quantity of milk *. The medicated Ghrita thus prepared is called the Shat-palaka-Ghrita. It is highly efficacious in cases of an enlargement of the spleen, impaired digestion, Gulma, dropsy, Udávarta, swelling (Svayathu), jaundice, cough, asthma, catarrh, Urdhva-Váta and Vishama-Jvara. In cases of Udara attended with impaired digestion, the Hingva'di Churna should be prescribed. These measures should be as well employed in a case of an enlargement of the liver (Yakrit), but the speciality is that the vein (inside the elbow) of the right hand (instead of the left hand) should be opened in this case. 18.

* The practice, in this case, is to add twelve Seers (three prastha measures) of water to the Prastha measure of milk at the time of cooking.

Metrical Text

After slightly bending down the wrist (of the left hand;, the vein in connection with the thumb of the left hand should be cauterized with a (burning) Sara for the purpose of giving relief in a case of enlarged spleen. 19.