Chamaeli'rium lu'teum, Helonias, False Uniforn, N.F. -- The dried rhizome and roots with not more than 5 p.c. of foreign organic matter; N. America. Fragrant perennial herb; stem .3-.7 M. (12-18') high, from basal rosette of lanceolate leaves terminating in plume-like raceme -- pistillate greenish, staminate creamy-white; fruit capsule. Rhizome .5-3 Cm. (1/5-1 1/5') long, 1 Cm. 2/5' thick, roundish, grayish-brown, annulate from scars of bud-scales, leaf bases above, many yellowish wiry roots beneath, 5-8 Cm. (2-3') long; fracture hard, horny, internally grayish-yellow, cortex 3-4 Mm. (1/8-1/6') thick, odor slight; taste bitter, astringent. Powder, yellowish--parenchyma cells with unaltered starch grains, bundles of calcium oxalate raphides, lignified cork and fibers, tracheae; solvent: diluted alcohol; contains chamelirin (bitter saponin-like glucoside) 10 p.c. Taenifuge, diuretic uterine tonic, emetic; tape-worm, atony of gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary mucous membranes, dropsy. Dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Heloniadis (diluted alcohol). Preps.: 1. Elixir Heloniadis Compositum, 3.2 p.c. (fldext.), + fldext. of caulophyllum 3.2, fldext. of viburnum opulus 3.2, fldext. of mitchella 12.5, dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 cc.); 2. Elixir Aletridis Compositum, 6.5 p.c. Helonin ("Eclectic" extract), dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-.3 Gm.).