I'ris versic'olor, Blue Flag, N.F. -- Iridaceae. The dried rhizome with not more than 5 p.c. of roots and leaf bases or other foreign organic matter; N. America; swampy places. Perennial herb, .6-1 M. (2-3 degrees) high; stem angled on one side, branched; leaves narrow, equitant, sword-shaped; flowers lily-like, beautiful purplish-blue, with yellowish and whitish markings at base of sepals. Rhizome, often branched, 5-20 Cm. (2-8') long, 3 Cm. (1 1/5') thick at nodes, usually cut pieces, grayish-brown, annulate, markings of leaf bases above, root-scars and remnants below; fracture short, yellowish, exhibiting central stele, whitish fibro-vascular bundles, distinct endodermis and cortex; odor slight, not distinctive; taste acrid, nauseous. Powder, brownish -- resin cells filled with amorphous substance, starch grains, calcium oxalate prisms, tracheae with markings, pores, few fibers; contains extract (resin) 25 p.c., volatile oil .025 p.c., isophthalic acid, sugar, phytosterol, myricyl alcohol, heptatosane, ipuranol, cerotic acid, ash 7 p.c. Cholagogue, emetic, diuretic, alterative; costiveness, malarial jaundice, bilious remittent fever, dropsy; very nauseating and prostrating; hepatic stimulant equal to podophyllum and less irritating, more pungent than euonymus. Dose, gr. 5-20 (.3-1.3 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Iridis Versicoloris (alcohol), dose, mv-20 (.3-1.3 cc.): Prep.: 1. Elixir Corydalis Compositum, 9 p.c.; 2. Fluidextractum Stillingiae Compositum, 12.5 p.c.: Prep.: 1. Syrupus Stillingiae Compositus, 25 p.c. Extract, gr. 1-4 (.06 -.26 Gm.); Irisin, iridin ("Eclectic" oleoresin or resinoid), gr. 1-4 (.06-.26 Gm.).