Stillin'gia sylvat'ica, Stillingia, Queen's Root, N.F. -- The dried root with not more than 3 p.c. of foreign organic matter, and that which has been stored for more than 2 years must not be used; S. United States. Perennial lactiferous (when wounded emits milky juice) herb, .3-1 M. (1-3 degrees) high; leaves lanceolate, sessile, serrate; flowers yellow, monoecious; fruit rough round capsule, 3-celled, each cell 1-seeded. Root, terete, unequally tapering, rarely branched, 20-40 Cm. (8-16') long, .5-3 Cm. (1/5-1 1-5') thick; usually in cut pieces, 2-5 Cm. (4/5-2') long; reddish-brown, wrinkled, fracture fibrous; internally -- bark thick, spongy, fibrous with resin cells, easily separable from porous, radiate wood; odor distinct; taste bitter, acrid, pungent. Powder, pinkish-brown -- numerous starch grains with central cleft, fragments with secretion cells bearing resin, tracheae, wood-fibers, bast-fibers, brownish cork cells, calcium oxalate crystals in rosettes; solvents: boiling water, diluted alcohol; contains sylvacrol (resin), volatile oil 3-4 p.c., glucoside, tannin 10-12 p.c., gum, starch, ash 5 p.c. Alterative, expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic, sialagogue, cholagogue, antivenereal; large doses emetic, cathartic, increases heart ation, circulation, various secretions; syphilis, scrofula, skin and chronic hepatic affections. Dose, 15-30 gr. (1-2 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Stillingiae (diluted alcohol), dose, mxv-30 (1-2 cc.): Prep.: 1. Elixir Corydalis Compositum, 6 p.c.; 2. Fluidextractum Stillingiae Compositum, 25 p.c., + corydalis 25, blue flag, sambucus, chimaphila, aa 12.5, coriander 6.3, prickly ash berry 6.2, diluted alcohol q s. 100, dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 cc.): Prep.: 1. Syrupus Stillingiae Compositus, 25 p.c., glycerin 10, syrup 65, dose, 3j-4 (4-15 cc.). Decoction, 5 p.c., 3j-2 (30-60 cc.), Extract, gr. 2-5 (.13-.3 Gm.), Tincture 10 p.c., 3ss-2 (2-8 cc.). Stillingia sebif'era, L. sebum, tallow, + ferre, to bear; China; S. Carolina, Georgia, Florida--sea coast. Tree 6-9 M. (20-30 degrees) high, fruit 3-celled, 3-seeded, imbedded in solid, inodorous fat (palmitin, stearin), melts at 44 degrees C. (112 degrees F.), called China or Vegetable Tallow; used for candles.