Limo'nium carolinia'num (Stat'ice Limo'nium var. Carolinia'na), Marsh Rosemary. -- Plumbaginaceae. The root, U.S.P. 1830-1870; N. America. Plant a maritime perennial, acaulescent; leaves 2.5-4 Cm. (1-1 3/5') long, obovate, cuneiform, entire, mucronate, scape .3-.6 M. (1-2 degrees) high, terete, corymbose panicles; flowers lavender color; root .3-.6 M. (1-2 degrees) long, 2.5 Cm. (1') thick, annulate, wrinkled, purplish-brown, astringent, bitter; contains tannin 14-18 p.c., volatile oil, resin. Astringent like catechu or kino; aphthous and ulcerative affections of the mouth, fauces, hemorrhages, dysentery; in decoction, infusion, tincture. Dose, gr. 5-30 (.3-2 Gm.).