Pimen'ta officina'lis, Pimenta, Allspice, N.F. -- The dried, nearly ripe fruit with not more than 3 p.c. of foreign organic matter nor .4 p.c. of acid-insoluble ash; C. and S. America, W. Indies, cultivated. Handsome evergreen tree, 9-12 M. (30-40 degrees) high; bark smooth, gray; leaves 10-15 Cm. (4-6') long, oval-oblong, entire, bright green, pellucid-punctate; flowers white. Fruit, subglobular, 4-7 Mm. (1/6-1/4') broad, apex with 4 calyx teeth, dark brown, glandular-punctate, pericarp brittle 1 Mm. (1/25') thick, 2-celled, each cell 1-seeded; odor and taste, particularly the pericarp, aromatic, distinctive. Powder, dark brown--numerous starch grains with central cleft, many stone cells with lumina often filled with yellowish amorphous substance, oil secretion reservoirs with oil, parenchyma cells with tannin masses; stem fragments few, characterized by non-glandular hairs, calcium oxalate rosettes, tracheid-like wood tissues and long bast-fibers; yield of crude fiber does not exceed 25 p.c.; solvents: alcohol extracts the virtues, water absorbs, the flavor and, if hot, some constituents; contains volatile oil 3-4 pc., resin, fixed oil 6-8 p.c., tannin, sugar, gum, ash 6 p.c. Dose, gr. 5-30 (.3-2 Gm.)

Oleum Pimentae, Pimento Oil, Oil of Pimenta (Allspice), N.F. -- This volatile oil distilled from the fruit, yielding not less than 65 p.c., by volume, of eugenol, comes over in two fractions mixed together, one light, the other heavy; it is a colorless, yellow, or reddish liquid, darker with age, characteristic odor and taste of allspice; soluble (clear) in equal volume of 90 pc. alcohol, in 2 vols. of 70 p.c. alcohol, sp. gr. 1.033, levorotatory. Should be kept cool, dark, in well-stoppered, amber-colored bottles. Dose, mj-5 (.06-.3 cc.). Fruit: 1. Tinctura Guaiaci Composita, 3.2 p.c. (diluted alcohol). Water -- 25 Gm. + water 1000, distil 500 cc.; Infusion, 5 p.c. Oil: 1. Liquor Pepsini Aromaticus, 1/40 p.c. 2. Spiritus Myrciae Compositus, 1/20 p.c. Stomachic, carminative, condiment; flatulency, nausea, intestinal colic, corrective to griping purgatives--similar to clove.